On this show I’m going to show you how a few simple “tweeks” will double power of your affirmations, and she’ll introduce you to a new way of stating your affirmations that will have you feeling those good yummy feelings right now!

Does every part of you believe that you have the life you desire?  Not sure?  Well it’s time to find out and that’s what you’ll be doing on this show – I’ll be showing you how to find out if you have a ‘gap’ in your believe-ability and then how to tap to close it!

Is it possible that you have a ceiling on your happiness feelings? Join me and I will reveal where the glitch comes from and then how to tap to open up the space for more happiness!

Has this ever happened to you? Your day is going fairly well and you’re feeling pretty good, then….you get a call, or email, or someone close to you is in a bad mood, and BAM….there goes your good mood!

So how do you get back to the good feelings that you had…and…protect yourself from these hijacks?

Join me as I show you how tapping can put an end to those yoyo’ing feelings and put you back in the ’emotional driver’s seat’!

Part 3 in this series will get you moving at high speed into ‘being’ the person you’ve always wanted to be!!  Join me and I’ll show you how to avoid ‘the biggest mistake people make’  and then gets you moves you into your future reality.

In part two, I will show you how to expose the mind-body connection that keeps you locked in the past, and demonstrate how to tap to help you break those old patterns.

Here’s the good news….there is a way to break through the habituated programs we all picked up early in life, and build and craft a new version of ourselves that lives the life we desire!

It’s true…you’ll only ask for what you feel your worth and you’ll only get what you feel deserving of….so make sure your receiving container is bigger than your dreams! On this show we’ll tap to raise your self-worth and become a bigger receiver!

Does it feel like you have to complete your list of ‘to-do’s’ in order to feel good about yourself?  Does your worthiness depend on how much you get accomplished?  Well it’s time to change that and on this show I’ll show you how!  Come tap with me to break this old cycle of belief about your value and worthiness, and then continue to tap to make room for beliefs that capture the authentic you.

If you want to have the things in life you desire, then you’ll need to have beliefs that take you there! But how do you change your subconscious beliefs to reflect the person who lives the life you want to have?  I’ll show you!!