Is there a decision you need to make and find yourself unable to make it?   Do you have ‘things that need done’ that take forever to do because you take so much time making sure you get it ‘right’?  Bottom line…the fear of making a mistake might be paralyzing you!  Let’s do some tapping on that!


If you’ve been making your intentions, saying your affirmations, doing your tapping and not seeing the results you want – it could be you’re experiencing Limbic Lag.  What the heck is it – and how does it affect our efforts to make changes in our life.

If you’re going to bring your dreams to life you must have a program/belief that supports your success, no matter if it’s for love, for abundance, or a great relationship with your body.  On this show, I’ll be working with a powerful belief, “I matter” – simple, yet powerful words that will pave the way to a new life!

Do you know what it takes to change the deep programs the reside in the subconscious mind?  Are you speaking it’s language?  Most likely not!  That’s because most people don’t know that the subconscious learns and responds differently than the conscious mind.  On this show I’ll explain how the subconscious learns and what needs to happen to prep that part of us to get ready to change.

If we let our mind lead the way it will look for possibilities of what could go wrong.  On this show, Dr. Mary Ayers will show you see how playing a better “What if…” game will have you tuning in to the feel good feelings of possibilities.

You’re probably aware that you have a little voice that consistently plays in the background of your mind – but did you know that that little voice could be muttering words that trigger your anxiety?

Many people hop on the ‘action’ train by making long lists of tasks that need to be done.  The problem is often times those lists trigger feelings of overwhelm and rebellion.  There is another way! I’ll show you what needs to happen to create long term success, plus how to tap past obstacles.

To play the game of having a bigger life, you’ve find a way to get in it, then you have to find a way to do it long enough that you see results.  Sure we know it makes sense….but how do you do it?  On this show, I will give sound ideas to get you in the game, and then show you how tapping will help you stay in the game.

Are you motivated to do something or not to do something – that is the question?  On this show I’ll take a deeper look at motivation and how it impacts our actions (or lack of actions!).

How do you take action when the voice inside is saying a big NO?   In part one of this series, Moving From Fear into Action, I will show you how to tap on those resistant voices in your head, opeing up space to take a small step forward.