To play the game of having a bigger life, you’ve find a way to get in it, then you have to find a way to do it long enough that you see results.  Sure we know it makes sense….but how do you do it?  On this show, I will give sound ideas to get you in the game, and then show you how tapping will help you stay in the game.

Are you motivated to do something or not to do something – that is the question?  On this show I’ll take a deeper look at motivation and how it impacts our actions (or lack of actions!).

How do you take action when the voice inside is saying a big NO?   In part one of this series, Moving From Fear into Action, I will show you how to tap on those resistant voices in your head, opeing up space to take a small step forward. 

Are you open to receiving inspired ideas? Really? Even if it means taking actions that be uncomfortable? If that causes you some concern then you’re really going to want to listen to this show!


There is untapped power in your words!  On this show I will show you how you may be undoing all your good efforts to makes changes, and how 3 little words can change that!

You know that feeling of wanting something yet not believing you can have it?  That’s what split energy feels like and it feels terrible!   On this show I will help you begin the process of healing this split energy and set you on the smooth road to success.

How long can you sustain the feelings that come with good things happening in your life?  If you find yourself constantly sabotaging all your good efforts when things are going well, you may have an Upper Limit issue!

How are you doing with ‘wanting more’? Sure you may say those words, but have you made peace with the desire for more? Have you given yourself permission to accept the desire for more? Time to make it happen!

Are you working hard, taking tons of actions, and finding yourself frustrated with your results?  Working harder isn’t the answer, but what is?


You can sit around and wait to uncover all your blocks and beliefs that keep you from getting what you want – or you can use this proactive technique now and it will put them right in front of you!