You procrastinate, binge, get ’emotionally hijacked’….it happens! But it’s what you do to yourselves after it that causes more trauma and you may not even know what you’re doing to yourself!

If you find that your worry about what other people will say getting in the way of how you live your life, then you will not want to miss this show!

Whose rules are you living by?  You may think that you create your own rules….but are you sure? Let’s  identify the rules that are running the old program and start you on the path to transformation!

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you said ‘yes’ and you really wanted to say ‘no’ – then this is the show for you!
On this show I’ll show you how to tap for the uncomfortable feelings that come up just thinking about saying ‘no’ and…and here’s the real bonus…I’ll be teaching you a new way to respond that leaves you feeling good!

Be prepared to discover how, without knowing it,  you keep activating your old, unhelpful, out-dated stories even though you want to change them…..and what to do about it!

If you’re feeling stuck in your tapping and can’t figure out where the block is, maybe it’s time to do something new!  I’ll show you how even general tapping can have HUGE results.  

This is one of those biggie questions when it comes to tapping – “How often should I tap?” On this show I will offer some principles that will help you answer this question for you. 


Is there a decision you need to make and find yourself unable to make it?   Do you have ‘things that need done’ that take forever to do because you take so much time making sure you get it ‘right’?  Bottom line…the fear of making a mistake might be paralyzing you!  Let’s do some tapping on that!


If you’ve been making your intentions, saying your affirmations, doing your tapping and not seeing the results you want – it could be you’re experiencing Limbic Lag.  What the heck is it – and how does it affect our efforts to make changes in our life.

If you’re going to bring your dreams to life you must have a program/belief that supports your success, no matter if it’s for love, for abundance, or a great relationship with your body.  On this show, I’ll be working with a powerful belief, “I matter” – simple, yet powerful words that will pave the way to a new life!