Tap Into Finding Your Passionate Work!

If you want work you love but feel stuck in a boring or energy-draining job then this book is for you. This EFT Tap-Along Script Book will help you tap away the limiting beliefs blocking you from finding and/or creating your passionate work. This ebook addresses the most common limiting beliefs, and guides you to replace them with supportive ones, giving you the freedom and momentum to create your passionate work!

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Tap Into Action!

If, up till now, you’ve had to push yourself to take action, often times ‘white knuckling it’ every time you’re faced with something outside of your comfort zone then this program is a must for you! While you may not be able to eliminate fear you can certainly learn the psychology and action strategies to work with it and when you do you’ll develop the confidence that you’ve been looking for. And the best news yet…you’ll be taking action without bullying, shaming, or re-traumatizing yourself!

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