Has this happened to you….you’re feeling great, enjoying life, things are happening in that really great way that makes you feel optimistic….and next thing you know you realize your body feels tense, apprehensive, on high-alert. What happened!! You just crossed the line between ‘feeling excitement’ and ‘feeling anxious’.

So you want to make a change…..YEAH!  But did you know that for every forward movement in that direction, there is a force working to keep you where you are?   Who knew? And the best part is that once you know about it, and learn to work with it, change becomes easier.  Listen in and  find out how to use your tapping to ease the growing pains.

Imagine this…What you want: the clarity, the abundance, the love, the desire to make a difference in the world…wants you as much as you want it!  What if it was true (it is, but you may not believe it yet)?  Would you be ready to receive what you’ve been wanting? Well let’s get ready!!

Embarrassing moments can strike at any time. We trip on a crack in the sidewalk or spill a drink at the table when you’re out with the boss, or someone we’re with is talking really loud and it’s drawing attention. How well do you handle it? Is it just a dash of uncomfortableness that you can laugh off, or are you mortified and want to disappear? What if could change the way you respond to these awkward situations? Join me on this show and learn how to be easy in challenging situations.

Do you find yourself tapping but not getting much relief? There’s a solution for that! Do you suspect that you’ve got blocks that get in the way of manifesting what you desire but aren’t sure what they are? There’s a solution for that! Join me on this show and I’ll teach you how to use props to deepen your tapping practice.

So you’ve got an upcoming event…maybe it’s a social event, maybe it’s a business meeting, or a date, or a medical procedure, and just the thought of it makes you anxious… did you know you can tap on it? Join me and I will show you how you can tap for upcoming events and quite the anxious mind.


You know how people get really good at ‘asking’ for what they want?  They ‘ask, and intend, and visualize’ but they are missing one really important step.  Do you know what that is?  Join me and discover the secret to getting in the receiving mode!

Has this ever happened to you? You wake up one morning and you feel like you can’t face the day, you can’t remember feeling confident, sure, strong, safe, and all you want to do is run away and hide?  What happened to the strong and confident person you were just yesterday?  And more importantly, how do you find yourself again?  Join me and I will show you how to tap yourself back to confidence.

Here’s the good news….you could be one question away from accelerating your personal transformation and manifestation. And here’s the great news….just asking yourself the question starts the ball rolling! Join me and let the acceleration begin!

If you’ve been feeling like you’re in a rut – that you can’t seem to break away from those down and heavy feelings no matter what you’ve tried…have no fear, because on this show I will be taking you through 4 steps that will help you break through the stagnation and make room for some ‘good feeling’ feelings!