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Tapping provides many benefits to the mind and body. It is a great way to release undesirable and hurtful thoughts and beliefs from the body, and it can also increase your energy level and immune system!  Here are three quick and easy tapping points that will stimulate your energy system and give your body and extra boost to make it through  your day! Recharge your battery!

1.    The Collar Bone

Benefits of tapping Collar Bone

  • If you are feeling drowsy, this point allows you to feel more alert and energized.
  • Gain focus when completing tasks

How to tap the Collar Bone

While breathing deeply, make fists and tap both right and left collar bones at the same time for 20 seconds.

 2.    Thymus Gland- (organ of the immune system)

Benefits of tapping the Thymus Gland

  • Allows you to stimulate your energy system
  • Will boost your immune system
  • Will increase your strength and vitality

How to tap the Thymus Gland

While breathing deeply make a fist and tap on the center of your sternum (the center of the chest on the breast bone) for 20 seconds.

3.    Spleen points- (organ of the immune system)

Benefits of tapping Spleen points

  • Will lift your energy level
  • Will balance your blood chemistry
  • Will strengthen your immune system

How to tap the Spleen points

While breathing deeply make fists and tap each side of your body 4 inches down from the armpit on the sides of the body for 20 seconds.

Use your newly charged battery  to enjoy the rest of your day!


Resource: Benefits of Tapping

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