Do you have any of these Self-Sabotaging behaviors?

August 11 , 2011Comments(1)tapintoaction

Oh my gosh – when I came across this list of the Top 20 self-sabotaging Behaviors I had to get real with myself and take a serious inventor of how my actions (or lack of action) could be signs of self-sabotage. Who knew there were so many ways to “shoot yourself in the foot”!!

I would love to say that I’m above these behaviors or that I’ve cleared all of my garbage about money and success and change – but alas, I’m still working on it. 🙂

See how many of these behaviors you’ve experienced in the last 30 days –

  1. Procrastinated
  2. Overindulged in eating, drinking, or spending
  3. Acted impulsively and didn’t consider the consequences
  4. Got distracted or lost focus
  5. Skipped exercising
  6. Ate poorly
  7. Took on too many things
  8. Ignored or minimized problems in relationships, job, or health
  9. Held unrealistic expectations
  10. Was too critical or judgmental of myself or others
  11. Needed help but didn’t ask for it
  12. Rushed through things
  13. Obsessed over a trip, purchase, or other decision
  14. Overestimated the risks of something bad happening
  15. Worried too much
  16. Didn’t finish what I started
  17. Failed to assert my needs, rights, or desires
  18. Took something too personally
  19. Talked myself into something and regretted it
  20. Postponed pleasure unnecessarily

Okay, so you probably saw somethings you were doing that are probably getting in the way of you having the success you want, of you having the relationships you want, of you having the abundance you want. Here’s the good news – there’s a way to rid yourself of the old baggage that keeps you in the “self sabotaging cycle”!!

UK EFT Master, Jaqui Crooks is presenting her infamous workshop

Disarming Self Sabotage” in her first appearance in Colorado on September 10th & 11th.

Imagine having two full days of tapping, of discovering, of clearing outdated beliefs and rules that are at the root of self sabotaging behaviors!!!


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