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January 15 , 2011Comments(1)tapintoaction

I continue to be amazed how lessons come to us in many forms and through a variety of vehicles. Today’s “aha” insight came during my yoga class.  As we laid in stillness at the beginning of class we were instructed to survey the body and to ask ourselves “Where or what wants to move?  How does it want to move?”

We were then instructed to “listen”.  Listen to what is calling us and is needing attention.  Then listen again for the action that would satisfy the need.

Action is the manifestation of stillness

We might call this type of action “inspired action”. It’s action that originate from within us, as opposed to actions that are generated by a “to do list” or from some book you read that said you “should” be doing these things.  Now we really don’t have the luxury of doing only the things we feel inspired to do!  But what if we started to take the time to ask a better question and then listen for the inspired answer?  Would you be willing to take that action?  How would it feel when you’ve taken actions that come with ease?  What if that made all the difference?

A Call to Action:  Take 5 minutes each day, preferably at the beginning of the day, and sit quietly.  Allow yourself to get caught up in watching the breath move in-and-out-in-and-out.  When your mind as slowed down ask what actions would you take today that would feel good.  Just breath and listen.  Your answers might be very different than you imagined – you could hear that you need to get some rest or to eat oatmeal for breakfast or to wear something blue today.  At first you might think about dismissing those suggestions but the more you honor your inner voice the more it will speak to you.

Until next time…have the best day ever.

Your Coach Mary

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  1. lidiascher says:

    This one really spoke to me. Thank you!
    I also heard you on the World Tapping Summit. The tap on fearing losses when deciding on a major change was quite powerful. Thank you!

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