A Simple But Powerful Way to Remove the Limiting Beliefs Keeping You from Finding Passionate Work!

Tap Into Action EFT Tap-A-Long Passionate Work Script Book…

Sara longed to find work she loved. She even knew some of the things she was passionate about, but for some reason she could hardly get started.

If she did take some baby steps she soon sabotaged her efforts. What was going on? Limiting beliefs! Sara had a belief that if she had work she loved it wouldn’t pay well. She also held onto the beliefs that work should be hard and that she didn’t deserve work she loved. No wonder Sara was stuck!!

Can you relate? Don’t despair help is here! EFT is a powerful, surprisingly simple method anyone can learn to relieve all kinds of limiting beliefs so that Sara (and you!) can move forward. It often gets results when nothing else will.

What is EFT?

It is a technique under the umbrella of Energy Psychology. EFT works by clearing limiting beliefs and emotions. These unresolved inner blocks or conflicting intentions contribute to self-sabotage and that feeling of “being stuck.”

The basic theory of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is that all negative emotions are caused by a disturbance to your energy system. This is the same energy system that is used by acupuncture practitioners–the meridian system.

EFT offers a gentle way of dissolving limitations, freeing you to create a healthier and happier life. It is an incredible tool that has been used for about 10 years to help people overcome a wide variety of physical and emotional discomforts.

Are you ready to let go of your limiting beliefs and find work you love?

What is a “tapping book?”

Those of you who have experienced EFT know that as you tap you talk about the fear or limiting belief you are holding on to. Many clients say that they have trouble thinking of what to say while tapping.

A tapping book is the next best thing to daily working with a practitioner. It will give you the scripts to say for different issues. That way you can just focus on what you are saying without worrying about what to say or if you are tapping on the “right” issue for you. Plus the tapping book offers insights and exercises from an experienced practitioner.

Here are a few of the many benefits the “Tap Into Passionate Work” ebook offers…

  • This book goes through the most common issues that come up when you set out to find work you love so that you can efficiently get to the root of mental blocks and free yourself.
  • Gives you exactly what to say so that you can concentrate on the tapping and focus on changing your beliefs.
  • Provides positive beliefs and affirmations so you will replace your old limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs.
  • Simple illustrations with point locations so you have certainty that you are tapping in the right place.
  • Facilitates a deeper understanding of what has been keeping you stuck in your old beliefs so you can let go and move forward.
  • Provides simple instructions on how to use EFT so you can confidently use this powerful tool.
  • Includes over 30 scripts to get rid of old negative thoughts so you will be free of your limiting beliefs and fears.
  • Over 30 scripts with “My New Truth Is” affirmations to encourage focus on new supportive beliefs.
  • Plus bonus Coaching tips and powerful additional resources so you will move forward faster.
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